NFTs That Produce Oxygen

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The Great Yoshidrops Show Begins Now!

YoshiDrops is a collective of international rising stars and celebrity content collaborators delivering monthly music NFT drops while aiming to make the entire NFT industry carbon negative. Random Drops of Awesome.

This unique subscription service gives users six tiers of random, high-quality music, media and art NFTs directly into their WAX Wallet every month.

Lifetime Membership Levels:

  • Clear Lifetime Membership: Exchange 2 Yoshicoins
  • Black Lifetime Membership: Exchange 15 Clear Memberships
  • Silver Lifetime Membership: Exchange 3 Black Memberships
  • Gold Lifetime Membership: Exchange 11 Silver Memberships
  • Platinum Lifetime Membership: Exchange 3 Gold Memberships
  • Diamond Lifetime Membership: Details Incoming!

The Drops are randomly generated from the Yoshi Catalog that is filled with high quality DigitalVinyl NFTs from our currated and approved partners, from rising star digital artists and musicians to veteran superstars and brands you may know.

All the DigitalVinyls NFTs are dropped into members accounts monthly according to their membership level, Clear through Diamond which reward Yoshi users with Yoshi Bucks when engaging with the Yoshi App. Yoshi Bucks are used to buy exclusive music, media and art in the Yoshi Marketplace where Yoshi Bucks are the only currency accepted.

The artist inspiring the YoshiDrops project is Yoshi Kondo, a musician, and engineer who has worked with many of the top international superstars you know and love. Yoshi has opened his vault of original music and sounds for artists and creators to use as inspiration. His aim is to make NFTs and their technology accessible to all musicians, infusing best-in-class curated talent with the means, methods, and platform that will showcase their superpowers and elevate them to prosperity.

Yoshi Kondo - Producer, Artist
Michael Blu Avatar

The DigitalVinyl™ NFT platform incorporates spectacular video special effects with original music, media and art.

The cover art for the DigitalVinyl™, an integral part of the entire retro jukebox experience, will be created by well-known professional artists and curated rising stars in the art world. Allowing musicians and artists to collaborate in an open, transparent way is the secret sauce in what will become an industry standard. Conceived by Uplift Art founder Michael Blu, DigitalVinyl™ is the new-age record collecting experience, complete with cover art, inserts, back story, and when applicable, the lyrics. The key difference with DigitalVinyl™ is that you become the owner of the entire asset – the song, video, and art, which you can then sell, trade, and collect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within the Yoshi Global Marketplace.

Think of it as Music That Produces Oxygen & Rewards

The reward structure of the DigitalVinyl™ collection excels in its effort to redefine an industry standard, creating a win-win-win for all involved. Artists will receive the number one mints of their collection for their participation, with the remaining editions going into the YoshiDrops subscription catalog.

Creative philanthropy has always been a foundational mission of Uplift.Art. In the case of YoshiDrops, we have secondary sales revenue from the YoshiDrops WAX account going towards philanthropic causes that help produce oxygen and enrich the planet.

“However, we want this to be accessible to all, so we've made it possible for people to use credit cards to participate in this game-changing opportunity,” says Michael Blu. “Naturally, these NFTs can be resold on the secondary markets as well.”

NFTs that produce oxygen

Here is Level 1 Vinyl Miner - Yes We Can

Yoshi Bucks Reward You

Earn Yoshi Bucks for discovering and sharing new music. You can use Yoshi Bucks to buy your favorite DigitalVinyls at discounts from the Yoshi Marketplace. You can also amp up your rewards by staking your NFTs to Yoshi's Premiere Gallery, where your DigitalVinyls will earn Yoshi Bucks at a much greater rate.

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How to participate?

Visual Artists

  • Step 1: Send your original track that you own copyright for with a 3000 x 3000 pixel cover artwork, the title of the track, your artist name, and your wax address to: submit@YoshiDrops.com Example: TrackName-ArtistName-YouWaxAccountName.JPG (.PNG, .MP4 are also acceptable file types). You can setup your WAX account in 1 click here: WAX WALLET
  • Step 2: If no art is available, let us know, and we will pair you with a visual artist for collaboration.
Accepted formats for submission: MP4, JPG, GIF, and PNG.


    Step 1: Choose any Yoshi and friends track or sound that inspires you here (Multiple submissions ok as well): Yoshi & Friends Tracks
  • Step 2: Create your 3000 X 3000 pixel album cover artwork. Name your artwork file with the original track name, plus your artist name, followed by your WAX account address.
    • Example: TrackName-ArtistName-YouWaxAccountName.JPG (.PNG, .MP4 are also acceptable file types).
    • You can set up your WAX account with 1 click here: WAX WALLET
Please Note: All Entries Must Conform to PG-13 Standards

All music and artwork will be curated by the Yoshi Council to ensure quality and fairness

The Yoshi Council will choose only music and images that are of the highest quality and can sit alongside the greatest the music and art world has to offer. If your work is not selected for this drop, keep elevating your sound and art until they take notice and they have no choice but to include you in this exclusive catalog.

Once the Yoshi Council receives your PG-13 masterpieces, we will mint a limited-edition series of NFTs, forever leaving a legacy on the blockchain of your creations. You will be gifted Mint #1 as your full reward. All the other mints will go into the pool of packs dropped to the monthly subscribers, giving you a marketing vehicle that will expose your talents to a broad market.

The MINT ONE Gallery: Putting the Spotlight on You

The Yoshi Council

The Council is comprised of industry veterans who choose to remain anonymous so they can do their duty without pressure or influence. They will be always looking for standout musicians and artists to be featured in the Yoshi MINT ONE Gallery and Auction House, with the intent to propel creators further down the road to greatness.

Creators, get your masterpieces ready – we are seeking the best of you and will settle for nothing less! On your mark, get set, YOSHI!

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